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Aaykar Setu APP Download Free for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Aaykar Setu APP Download Free for Android, iOS, Windows Phone: – The Aaykar Setu app download is now available on the PlayStore. This new app called Aaykar Setu App is basically developed in order to help people understand taxes better. It is an application which is totally based on making the users understand the concept of taxation. Direct taxation or any other tax-related things can be completely understood by you after Aaykar Setu App download. You can also carry out many tax-related tasks on your smartphone easily by this app.

Aaykar Setu APP Download

The Digital India initiative is already underway and things are finally improving. After the GST was imposed, the government released GST rate finder app for the convenience of the users. By the use of that app, one could easily find how much GST should he pay, in his smartphone. This was done to eradicate any wrong deeds with the name of GST.

The whole digital India initiative is now based on reaching the people by smartphone penetration. Some other applications just like this released by the government were MyGov, Online Registration System, Digi locker, and E Pathshala.

Aaykar Setu APP Download
The central board of direct taxes which is the department under Arun Jaitley. The full team came up with an app called Aaykar Setu. There are many basic tax-related tasks which would be way better if people could carry out themselves. However, the word Aaykar means income tax and the word Setu is used to refer to a bridge. As it is a government application for the welfare of the society, the profit motive is totally kept aside. The app is totally free to download and there are absolutely no advertisements inside the app.

Aaykar Setu APP Download – Free Tools APK for Android

The main object of the application is to make it the users understand the taxation policies. After having Aaykar Setu app download done, you can know everything about Income taxes, PAN and even check TDS. This is one of the best applications created by the government for the people who want to know everything about how the system works. If all the information was not enough, there is a live chat option in the application itself. The option is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and an expert would answer all of your queries regarding tax.

If you want to complain something to the tax department, you can easily do it with the help of this application. Inside the application, there is an option called “Got A Problem”. You just have to click there and register your grievance. If the case is eligible enough, you will be allowed to contact the officials in the tax department.

If there are any changes made in the taxation policies or any update, the users of this application will be notified. This is going to keep the user of Setu app updated with what is happening with the tax policies. You should definitely download Setu app for all of these features which no other app gives you.

To make learning everything about taxes easier and more fun, the developers added a quiz game called “Tax Gyaan”. It is completely designed to test how much the user has actually learned yet about taxes in India. Definitely, Aaykar Setu App download is worth the data you spend.

Aaykar Setu APP Download Free for Android, iOS, Windows Phone
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