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Amazon Chime App Download for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Amazon Chime App Download for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac: Amazon chime App download is necessary for a new meeting experience altogether. Being available on the PlayStore, AppStore and also for Windows and Mac OS, Amazon chime download becomes very famous. Getting started with Amazon Chime is surely going to bring new possibilities to you. After downloading Amazon chime, you agree to the AWS customer agreement. What do you need to agree to is the fact that the terms govern your download and use of that product.

Free trial of Amazon Chime

After Amazon chime download, you will get 30 days free trial to use the app and fall in love with it. In the first 30 days, there are no restrictions but after that, you will need to subscribe to Amazon chime Pro or Plus. If you don’t want to pay anything for using Amazon chime, you will have to stick with Amazon Chime basic. There are no limitations when it comes to using Amazon Chime Basic for free.

Amazon Chime app download
How to start enjoying the free trial of Amazon chime, you will need to create an Amazon Chime account, first. After you have created it, you can open the application on your device and start using the free service.

Amazon Chime Basic, Amazon Plus & Amazon Chime Pro Uses

  • Amazon Chime Basic allows you make 1:1 voice and video calls, and to use chat and chat rooms
  • Amazon Chime Plus adds the capacity for you to share your screen amid meetings, and empowers mix with your company directory.
  • Amazon Chime Pro offers the full set of features for online meetings, including booking and facilitating meetings, recording meetings, and customized meeting URLs, for up to 100 individuals.

How to create an Amazon chime account?

After having your Amazon chime download done, you can use the application to create an Amazon chime account. The question, however, remains, “How to do so?”. After you have completely downloaded the application and installed it, you will be guided by the app itself for opening Amazon Chime account. After you have created the account, remember the email id or username and the password. This will be used to login to your account and access all the services of Amazon chime. Amazon Chime App Download

Amazon Chime Basic Free – Video calls for up to 2 people Chat & chat rooms
Amazon Plus $2.50 per user per month – Basic plan and Screen sharing Use your corporate directory
Amazon Pro $15 per user per month – Plus plan and Video meetings for up to 100 people Personal meeting URLs

Vonage includes Amazon Chime

Lately, Vonage has included Amazon chime in its business communications plants. It is absolutely free of additional cost for them. This is basically a business tactic for Vonage because it is going to provide the customers better modern collaboration experience. The full range of unified communication solutions is integrated with Amazon Chime. Overall, unified communications will now happen with greater mobility, flexibility, and workplace productivity.

Amazon chime App Download

Download Amazon Chime App Android – Link

Download Amazon Chime App iOS – Link

Download Amazon Chime App Windows – Link

Download Amazon Chime App Mac – Link

The amazing chime download is available to all the customers out there. It does not matter if you are an Android user, iOS user, Mac OS user or a PC user, Amazon Chime download will be available to you. This versatility of the application makes it more famous among everybody.

This free fully managed communication service allows you to have easy communication with people inside and also outside of one organization. By the use of Amazon chime, you can conduct online meetings more efficiently and easily. Crystal clear audio and high definition video were all you needed. Both are provided by none other than Amazon Chime. Every security sensitive organization should try this. This is because the Amazon chime is built to benefit us regarding security.

Be it online meetings, be it video conferencing or be it sharing content, with Amazon Chime, you will get all of these features. If you want to join any meeting, you are only one click away. How simple can the Amazon Chime app be? There are no minimum fees and you just have to pay for what you use. This is one of the best features of Amazon chime which I like.

Features of Amazon Chime App

  • Best App for video conferencing.
  • For online meeting can be done easily.
  • Made Chatting easily than before.
  • Add people to group chats.
  • Drag, Drop and Share your files made easy with Amazon Chime App.
Amazon Chime App Download for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
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