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Best Paid Apps For Android Device

Best Paid Apps Android

Best Paid Apps Android: In today’s world, everyone loves free thing. However, we generally know that free stuff doesn’t mean the best. While there is no scarcity of free app in Android if you really want the best apps then you have to forgive some money from your pocket. So if you have a Google Play gift voucher which is waiting to be used or just looking for buying some great app for Android we are listing down the best paid Android apps that that will worth your money. But before that, we should know that why people support the fact that why we should be opting for paid apps.

Why Should We Opt For Paid Apps?

There are a number of reasons that we should support for paid Android apps:

  • More features
  • Updates will be regular and developer support for bug, etc.
  • No ads
  • Better security and privacy

Best Paid Apps Android Device


Nova Launcher Prime ($4.99)

If you are already using the free app Nova Launcher then you don’t know what you are missing by not paying for the prime version Nova Launcher Prime has gesture which makes our life so much easier along with that it has many more features like custom icons swipe ability to hide app unread count and more scroll effect and7 if your not liking this Nova Launcher then you can also look at the other great launcher.


Icon packs

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker ($3.50)

We all expect that live wallpapers to be generally like eye candy, however, KLWP or Kustom wallpaper maker is more than what we think. You can create the custom live wallpaper with custom along with options to create moving object or actionable object there is the tone of options and customization like gradient tilting custom front etc.



Swipe for Facebook ($2.85)

If anybody doesn’t like Facebook then they can shift to swipe, because swipe is the substitute for Facebook. It is dubbed by the third party, i.e., the client of Facebook dubbed swipe. Swipe mixes Facebooks iOS UI and the Google+ UI to give the app a cool Material Design app and moreover. Other cool features include it are battery saving mode, quiet hours, themes, notification filtering and more.

Swipe for Facebook

Music and videos

PocketCasts ($3.99)

The pocket is one of the best apps out there for the podcast as it is feature rich and beautiful. The app lets you toggle between video and audio podcasts with ease, set a sleep timer, cast to podcasts, discover cool podcasts with filters and more.


Camera and pictures

Manual camera ($2.99)

If you are trying to turn your smartphone into a camera, then you should try this Manual camera app out. As its name suggest that it brings manual controls for shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure, etc. And support for RAW DNG format.

Manual camera

These paid apps are worth it, so go and buy them!

While all the apps in our list will appeal to everyone if u don’t like these apps you can go and check for other cool apps and you can also buy it. Above, there is only 5 apps information given for better functioning of your smartphone.

Best Paid Apps For Android Device
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