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How to get Bluetooth Adapter for PC?

Bluetooth Adapter for PC

How to get Bluetooth Adapter for PC?: Bluetooth is a technology that is used for sharing the data between two devices. In this type of sharing there is no need for network and no charges are applicable. Sharing data through Bluetooth is safe and secure, which is the reason for a huge number of people still using it. Bluetooth is not specifically for mobiles only but Bluetooth adapter for PC allows to share the data between the devices and PC.

Desktops, laptops and most of the other devices come with Bluetooth connectivity included in it. So, in that case, there will not be any use of the Bluetooth adapter, because it is inbuilt. In those cases whenever there is a requirement of using Bluetooth, it is possible with the help of Bluetooth dongle. The first thing required is to check whether a device has Bluetooth connectivity in it or need it from outside.

Bluetooth Adapter for PC

The process of checking the presence of Bluetooth in PC

In these days most of the laptops along with desktops are also having Bluetooth connectivity in-built in it. In most of the older version PC does not have an inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity. So in those cases, it is essential to check the presence of Bluetooth in the desktops. The process of checking Bluetooth connectivity is simple and carried out in just a few minutes.

  1. First, go to the control panel and click on ‘Network and Internet’ option in it.
  2. Then after clicking in that find ‘Network Connections’ option in it.
  3. If Bluetooth is present then there will be an option as ‘Bluetooth Network connection’ in it.
  4. In case if it is not present then the above option does not appear in Network Connections.

Bluetooth Adapter for PC

How to use Bluetooth Adapter for PC?

The desktops or laptops whichever require Bluetooth and does not have Bluetooth connectivity in-built, it is necessary to connect through the dongle. They are nothing but the USB network adapters. The function of these adapters is to build communication in between PC and the other Bluetooth devices. The process of connecting Bluetooth adapter for PC is as follows:

  1. The first and foremost step in this process is to plug the Bluetooth adapter into one of the USB port that is present on the desktop.
  2. Once it is automatically detected, if there are any drivers absent then they will be installed.
  3. After the Bluetooth adapter is successfully connected messages will be pop-up continuously in the system tray.
  4. Even a Bluetooth icon will appear on the taskbar indicating that it is connected successfully.
  5. Now in order to connect a new Bluetooth device, it is necessary to open control panel in the PC and open “Bluetooth devices” if it is ‘Windows XP’ or “Hardware and Sound” if it is ‘Windows 7’.
  6. Now a window will be displayed where in it shows as ‘Add Bluetooth Device’.
  7. Then check mark the box beside”My device is set up and ready to be found”.
  8. Then click on ‘Next” button to continue and then select the device to proceed.
  9. Now pair the device with the PC, and it will be connected.

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In the above process, Bluetooth adapter for PC is connected. Enjoy sharing the data through Bluetooth between PC and other devices.

How to get Bluetooth Adapter for PC?
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