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How To Create Computer Virus In Less Than 60 Seconds

Create Computer Virus

How To Create Computer Virus In Less Than 60 Seconds: Many of you will think the methods must be on coding, but there is nothing like that.Presently, the internet has become a necessity for most of us. Usually surfing the web is informational and fun. But for some of us, it can probably be a havoc if our device encounters with the malicious files called ‘Computer Virus.’  These sort of things can badly affect our system. So what is a computer virus? In simple words, a computer virus is a harmful software program that can easily interrupt the functioning of an operating system.

How To Create Computer Virus

Through this, one can conduct any malicious activity or access the personal information of a person. It is not necessary to be a professional programmer to create these sort of computer viruses. As a matter of fact, every amateur out there can try his hands on creating one of these. Well, viruses are of different types as there are Trojan horses and much more

Create a Trojan horse virus for computer

‘Trojan Horse’ is one of the various kinds of viruses that can breach the security of a computer system. In addition to this, it is capable of performing some obnoxious functions. The virus thus created will be capable of formatting a drive on someone’s PC. Moreover, the Trojan works quite well and can certainly corrupt a good portion of user data.

But yes, any antivirus software can probably detect and shred these type of file. So they are operational up to an extent. However, it is never waste to learn a trick for creating a ‘Computer Virus.’ Therefore all it takes is few simple words that can sum up to be a cruel infectious program. Check out a straightforward and cool method to create a computer virus via notepad.

Make a Computer Virus that spreads

Create Computer virus usually spread via these means:

  • Removable Media devices
  • Downloads off the Internet
  • E-mail attachments or spams

One can try any of the above-stated ways to transfer the virus file to other systems.

Make a Harmless Virus

In the first place, try to avoid using these trick practically as it can cause a hefty loss of someone’s data. Be cautious! You can even lose yours if this somehow runs on your system.

On the other hand, you can undoubtedly create and spoof someone with a “Harmless Virus.” In fact, it has the totally opposite characteristics from the infectious computer virus. So despite creating a vicious virus, it is quite fun to make this sort of file.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with playing a harmless prank on one of your buddies. By creating a harmless virus, you can easily give some serious tension to your close friends or even enemies. (Yeah but it’s a short span only) Go ahead!

These are the best and working method to create a virus on PC/Laptops. Users can create unlimited viruses on their Windows. By this method, you can easily create the harmful virus.

How To Create Computer Virus In Less Than 60 Seconds
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