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How to Delete Tinder account Permanently with messages

Delete Tinder account Permanently

How to Delete Tinder account Permanently with messages: In this digitalized world, everything can be done in minutes through applications by using PC or smartphones. So in the same way dating applications are coming into existence, which makes communication possible between two persons easier. Though there are many dating applications, Tinder is one of the popular social dating application. This app is being used by a huge number of people and after finding their partners users are delete Tinder account permanently.

Tinder application origin

Tinder being a well known social based dating application, it is used by large number of people across the globe. This application is simpler to use and allows in finding the partners easily. Though this application was launched in the year of 2012, by 2014 it became popular and earned more than 1 billion swipes. This application is mostly used by young people studying in various colleges.

How to use Tinder account

Tinder account is easier to use with just swipes. Once a tinder account is created users can just swipe left or right to like or dislike a user. After they get an interesting mutual user they can chat and start communicating. Every user can write their bio and introduce themselves to fellow users.

Tinder application can be downloaded on any Android smartphone. Creating a tinder account is free of cost. This application can be used from smartphone or else desktop as per the convenience of a user. After finding their dating partner users can even delete the account permanently.

The procedure of delete tinder account permanently

Once a user finds their partner and no more interested to find others and communicate, they think to delete the account. Hence, delete tinder account permanently along with messages is an easier process. Tinder account can be permanently deleted either from smartphones or even on the desktops. As we know that just uninstalling does not delete the application permanently, so these steps are to be followed to delete it forever.

Delete tinder account permanently on smartphones

Delete Tinder account Permanently

  1. Though, the tinder account is being deleted as a first step it is essential to login into the account.
  2. Then click on your profile icon, after that go to settings option.
  3. Now once settings option is selected, just scroll down you will find an option for deleting the account.
  4. Then tap on it, now you need to answer the reason for deleting the account permanently.
  5. Select the best reason and click on the submit button.
  6. Now the tinder account is permanently deleted from your smartphone along with the profile.

All the above steps are to be followed carefully. Then only the account will be deleted permanently from your mobile device. Hence, your profile does not appear in tinder application anymore and no more matches.

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Deletion of tinder account permanently from desktop

  1. As a first step in the process of deleting tinder account, visit the official website.
  2. Now login to the account with your login credentials.
  3. Then you are taken to your profile page, now select it.
  4. Then you will find settings option just click on it.
  5. Now scroll down to the bottom and you will get an option to delete the account permanently.
  6. Just tap on it and select the reason for deletion of the account and click on the submit.

So, after following the above steps carefully the account gets deleted permanently from the desktop. Now, your profile no longer exists in the tinder application. Hence, delete tinder account permanently is easier either in smartphone or desktop.

How to Delete Tinder account Permanently with messages
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