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Top 5 Sites to Download Free music ringtones for android

Free music ringtones for android

Top 5 Sites to Download Free Music Ringtones for Android- Are you tired of listening to the default ringtones provided in your smartphone? Do you want a change? Have you been looking for top sites to download free music ringtones to customize your smartphone? Well, then you are in the right place.

There is nothing wrong with wanting your favorite music to be your ringtone. Your device’s ringtone is what separates you from all other users who use the same smartphone. It is true that a unique ringtone is the need of the hour. For reducing your hassle finding the perfect ringtone for you for free, we have brought to you free music ringtones for android. So grab your smartphone and get ready for a customization.

Free music ringtones for android

Download free music ringtones

Top 5 Sites to Download Free music ringtones for android


One of the top sites to download free music ringtones without any hassle is Tones7.com.
You can share, discover and download ringtones which are the best features of this website. The ringtone files you can download from this web site comes in the MP3 format. Moreover, it has a very exciting feature which allows you to create your own ringtone application. This will allow you to have your favorite ringtones apart from those available on the website.
The file-sharing feature will add to your variety of ringtones which you can download from tones7.com.


To be honest, this is the simplest website to download ringtones for free. The website mobiles24.com has more than 136,000+ ringtones to offer us. This is what makes mobiles24.com so famous. The used number of choices is what this one among the free music ringtones for android. Not only music ringtones but also good alarm tones are available. All the 136,000+ ringtones are totally free to download.


This is yet another online file sharing and downloading website for any cell phone file. From games to wallpapers to ringtones, mobile9 offers you all of them. Based on the compatibility of the handset, you can have your favorite ringtone. Though mobile9 is a very versatile application which serves you with almost everything, you have to look forward to the compatibility.
As mentioned, free music ringtones will be available but along with you can avail wallpapers and games too.



If you want free music ringtones of almost all genres, Tonetweet serves you with the purpose. This is the second among the top sites to download free music ringtones. There are many categories classified in this website. Christmas, classical, country, hip-hop and much more are present and you can choose any one of them. This will lead you to the whole playlist under that genre. Moreover, there is a very convenient search menu that will make you find your perfect ringtone easily.
Obviously, all of the ringtones are free of cost.

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If you ask me personally, I would also say that this is the best among the ringtone downloading sites. You can download your favorite ringtone as well as share a ringtone created by you.
Zedge.net started operating about 10 years ago. It has been serving ringtones to many cell phones starting from Java to Android 7.0. Besides the ringtones, we also get to download games and amazing themes from zedge.net. Videos are also available for entertainment purposes and not for customization purposes. They also have ringtones specially dedicated for Android devices in the MP3 format.

Top 5 Sites to Download Free music ringtones for android
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