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Free Redbox Codes for April 2018 and 7 Ways to Get More

Free Redbox Codes

Free Redbox Codes for April 2018 and 7 Ways to Get More: Promotional codes are the one that is used either to get rental for video games or even free DVD or Blue-ray discs are only the free Redbox codes. These promotional codes are called as the free red box codes because they are applicable to check out at a Redbox kiosk. Redbox free codes can be used either to rent DVD’s free of cost for one day or even discount on video games, but they should be equal to the value of codes. Redbox codes can be applied either at a Redbox kiosk or even in the online portal of Redbox.

What is the validity period of free Redbox codes?

As we knew that the Redbox codes are provided for free, they will definitely have a certain validity period. Generally, the validity period of free Redbox codes varies from 45 to 60 days. Once, the validity period completes these Redbox codes are invalid and cannot be used. The promotional codes from Redbox are updated frequently on a regular basis and the users can make use of them.

What if the code doesn’t work?

In case that you are trying to enter the code and it won’t work, you will get that information at the end of checkout, so that means that they will charge yours for a movie. You can quickly cancel the transaction in case that this happens.

Valid Redbox Codes for Feb 2018:

  • You just have to text EMAIL, MOVIENIGHT, MOVIE, MOVIE TIME or DEAL to 727272 and you will get the unique code that will give you the possibility to enjoy in one free movie at DVD rental.
  • You can also use this code to rent Blu-ray or a game, but it will be paid only $1.50 for that.
  • You just have to go to a kiosk or install Redbox mobile app. You have to understand that code will expire after one week after you receive it, so you have to use it as soon as possible.

We present you some Redbox codes:

For new customers only: REDBOX, DVDONME, BREAKROOM

For locations:

  • WALGREENS (good just at Walgreen’s locations)
  • RDBOXHEB (good just at HEB locations
  • DVDATWEG (good only at Wegman’s locations)
  • DVDKROG (Good only at Kroger locations)
  • DRIVEIN (good just at Sonic locations)
  • DVDATWAG (good just at Walgreen’s locations)

In case that you used all of these, you should check their website for free Redbox promo codes for Feb 2018.

Different ways to redeem Free Redbox Codes

Redbox promotional free codes are used for redeeming them and get the offers. There are two types to redeem the promotional free codes of Redbox.

  1. The first type of getting Redbox code is signed up for Redbox account. Then users will receive regular offers and codes to the mail id.
  2. In the second type, read codes are available through SMS alerts. The first time the user needs to SMS as REDBOX to 727272. From the next time, there will be other words to text in order to receive unique promotional codes.

7 best ways to get free promotional Redbox codes

The above mentioned are the just two ways which can be applied to newcomers. In order to receive free promotional codes of Redbox, there are many other ways. It is simpler and easier to receive the codes. Here below are some of the popular ways of getting Redbox codes for free.

  1. Receive promotional codes by downloading app

One of the easiest ways to get Redbox promotional code is by downloading the application. Once you download the Redbox application on your smartphone, just turn on push notifications button. So, that within 24 hours, you will receive the code. This code can be used for free rental of the account.

Free Redbox Codes

Works oniOS, Android

  1. Get promotional code by joining text club

Text club of Redbox is formed by a group of its customers. This group of customers will be looking out for good deals. All the deals are sent to mobile phones only by sending an SMS. In order to join the club send SMS to 727272 as SIGNUP.  More>>

  1. Joining Redbox play pass gives promotional code

The another best way is to join Redbox play pass which is a rewards program. This makes it users to win free rental on birthday as well as on the anniversary day of your joining. It also allows earning 10 points for renting a disc and a free code with it. Once the points reach their target of 100, users can win either blue-ray disc or DVD rental credit.

  1. Visiting a Redbox Kiosk also earns promotional code for free

Visiting a Redbox kiosk establishment gets free promotional codes. There more than 42,000 Redbox kisoks. Whenever users of Redbox visit these places, watch promotional codes carefully. These free promotional codes will be available either as flyers or banners or even in receipts.

  1. Facebook page can earn Redbox codes

Becoming a member of Redbox Facebook page.  is one of the best ways to earn promotional codes. Very frequently huge number of facebook freebies are offered by Redbox. On the news feed, you will be finding the Redbox codes when they are updated. Mostly on the facebook, promotional Redbox codes offer one night’s free rental only.

  1. Create an account in Redbox online portal

Once an account is created in Redbox online portal, it can also earn promotional codes. This is the easier and effective way to earn free promotional codes. It is essential to reserve a movie online and take it one of the Redbox kiosk by paying. Then you earn a promotional code which can be applied to the next movie rental. More>>

  1. Following Instagram app

Yet another best way to earn Redbox codes for free is by following on Instagram. It is the better way to grab free promotional codes of Redbox if you have an Instagram account. This is one of the best ways to earn movies rental by free codes. Generally, pics are posted on Instagram as free giveaways along with promotional codes.

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All the above seven ways which are mentioned, are easier to yield free Redbox codes that can be used by users for rental on movies or DVD or Blu-ray. Redbox kiosk is the best places to redeem the free promotional codes.

Free Redbox Codes for April 2018 and 7 Ways to Get More
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