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Google Tez App Customer Care Number ** TOLL FREE** Help & Support

Google Tez App Customer Care Number, toll free number, Help & Support: Lately, the Google Tez App is the most trending application on both Play Store and App Store. It is basically an application based on UPI payment which made its presence be felt in the market very soon. First of all, it is an app by Google and hence the name “Google Tez App” and moreover, it gave the users many introductory offers and a lot of exciting Cash back and rewards which made many people download it. Moreover, referral promotion was also done and the users were given Rs 51 each for referral. It has already gone viral among the youth only in order to earn the rewards without any effort whatsoever. Within a very short period of time, it has managed to make most of the population of youth in India download this app. The “refer and earn” scheme always works with any application and the experiment with Google Tez App was nothing different. On the other hand, users of this application are also facing a lot of issues which must be due to huge traffic. It might be regarding OTP verification or UPI listed banks and much more. That is the reason why Google Tez app customer care support number is the most demanded thing right now.

Google Tez App Customer Care

Google Tez App Toll Free No.1800 266 6622
Calling with Tez App UnRegistered Number1800 258 2554
Calling with Un-Registered Code MMID No.G-999
Google Tez App Online Customer Supporttez_support@google.com

Google Tez App Customer Care Number

Tez App Toll Free Helpline Number (Calling From Registered Number)  1-800 419-0157

Google Tez Support Toll Free Number (Calling From Un Registered Number) – 1800 258 2554

If you are facing any issue regarding the Google Tez app which is of course not as developed already as it would be in a year, you can contact the Google Tez app customer care support number and they would help you out with your query. Updates are definitely required and we all are using the first version of the application. Regarding the complaints being submitted to the Google Tez app customer care support number, they will try to bring in the new update so that none of the users face those problems any longer.

There are many users who are facing problems to link their bank account to the application so that they could utilise the features, the application is made for.

Google Tez app Customer Care Number

1. Go to the settings of the Tez App

2. Scroll down and check the “Help and Feedback” section available on that page itself.

3. After that, you will find a “Contact Us” button.

4. If you click on that button, two options will pop up on your screen- Chat or Phone.

5. If you want to chat with the Tez support team and tell your query to them, you are required to choose the chat option. If you want to get a call from the Google Tez app customer care support number, select call and then provide your number. They will contact you in some minutes on call and you can hence, tell your query. They will try to solve your query if you are basically finding that issue individually and if the feature you are asking for is not already present in the app, you cannot be helped immediately. They will definitely come up with new updates and that may help but it will take some time.

Check hereGoogle Tez App Download 

Google Tez App Refer and Earn

It is that simple. Don’t worry if something is wrong with your experience using the Tez application. Just let them know.

Google Tez App Customer Care Number ** TOLL FREE** Help & Support
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