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GST Rate Finder App Download For Android, iOS & Windows Phone

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GST Rate Finder App Download For Android, iOS & Windows Phone: Indian Govt Launched Official GST Rates Finder App APK to Know the Rates/ Cost Charges of Goods i.e like applicable goods explained clearly. SO Now GST rates finder app download is now available on Play Store. GST rates finder app is recently launched for Android and is coming soon for iOS. We are Providing GST Rate Finder App For Android Mobile Phone, iOS iPhone, iPad, Mac & Windows Phone, Tablet, Desktop etc.

GST Rate Finder App Download

What is the GST rates finder app?

The GST rates Finder app allows you to verify whether the tax charged on any of the product purchased by you is correct. It has been launched by the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley. This application basically contains the date of GST for various goods and services. All the information given in the app is true and is verified by the Government of India. GST rate finder app download is already available for any smartphone running on Android OS. Once downloaded, all the user has to do is enter the chapter heading or the name of the product. After your search is completed, you will be having the tax rates for that good or service in your hand. For now, it is only available for the Android users but it is confirmed that the iOS users will get the app soon.

GST Rate Finder App Download

GST Rate Finder App Download

To download the application, all you need to do is go to the Google Play Store and search for the app. Type “GST Rates Finder” and click on search. Click on the authentic app followed by clicking on install. Once your GST rate finder app download is completed, you can simply access the application and know the GST rates of all goods and services. This process can be followed for downloading the application if you are using an Android mobile or Android tablet.

Inside the application, you will get a search box for conducting your search. All the goods and services related to what you have entered in the search box will be provided to you. You will click on the specific item which you want to know the GST rate of. Once you click on that item, description of that good or service will be provided along with the GST rate. This way, you can have the information within seconds and verify if the tax imposed on you is correct.

A taxpayer can know everything about the tax on a certain good or service. This includes Central GST, State GST, Union Territory GST separately. These are the initiatives which are taken to remove any kind of corruption with GST rates. This will empower every citizen of the nation to be aware of the tax he/she is paying.

GST Rate Finder App Download
After Modi decided to completely change the taxation policy of India, he would not want anything to go wrong. This is the reason why the finance minister on Saturday told about the official launch of the GST rates finder app. The GST was basically started to end harassment of traders and small business organizations. In the course of doing so, the government doesn’t want the taxpayers to be victims of harassment. This is the reason why every citizen of India is now eligible to know all the correct GST rates via GST rates finder app.

How To Download GST Finder App & Know the Price List

Download the mobile app ‘GST Rate Finder’ from Play Store on Android mobile or click here.

  1. Enter the name or service in the search box.
  2. Check listed goods and services will be displayed
  3. Find the GST rate for any item.
  4. The pop-up window will be displayed with new GST tax rates and also contains the description of goods or services and the chapter heading of the Harmonised System of Nomenclature (HSN).

This is a very good step taken by the government. Equal efforts from the people to eradicate any harassment with GST rates will help a lot.

GST Rate Finder App Download For Android, iOS & Windows Phone
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