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Top 10 Photography Editing Apps

Photography Editing Apps

 Top 10 Photography Editing Apps: These days, photography apps have become an integral part of our smartphones. These photography apps are used to instantly edit our photographs by adding various special effects to it. They are also used to lighten our skin complexion, blur the background, add makeup, etc. Especially if you are a photo freak and love to take selfies every now and then, a good photography app is a must.

There are thousands of apps when are meant for photo editing or adding special effects to our photograph. Out of them, we have made a list of the top 10 photography apps. They are as follows:


  • SnapSeed: It is one of the most widely used photography apps owned by Google. It has a variety of features and special effects that can make you addicted to it and compel you to take more and more photographs.
  • Adobe Photo Editor Apps:  Adobe has also released a number of photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix and Adobe Lightroom. Each one of them has a variety of features that will help you to edit your photographs in a way that you want to.
  • Afterlight: If you are a regular on Instagram then this app is perfect for you. It allows you to take high-quality photographs and post them instantly on Instagram. It provides you with a wide number of tools to edit your photographs.
  • Youcam perfect: This is another app specially meant for taking selfies. You can make your photographs clean and beautiful using this app. It also allows you to remove blemishes and add a natural beauty to your pictures.
  • BeautyPlus: BeautyPlus is another photo editing app which is gaining mass popularity with time. Its number of users is steeply increasing and at present, it is accounted to have more than 900 million users from all across the world.
  • B612: This app is also used for photo editing. It contains a variety of effects which can be added to our photographs to beautify it. This app can also be used to create and edit videos.
  • Aviary: Aviary is a photo editing app which is highly reliable and user-friendly. It can be used to edit photographs in a various number of ways like adjusting its color, brightness, red eye correction, etc. This app also has a special feature called one touch mode which is used for editing purposes.
  • AirBrush: This app is especially useful when you are an expert in taking selfies. It will make your skin tone smooth as well as remove all your dark spots and enhance your complexion.
  • Fotor Photo Editor: It is used if you are a blogger. It can be used to edit photographs before you attach then to your blog. It is capable of enhancing the quality of your picture as well as adjusts its brightness.
  • Photo Lab: Photo Lab is also a very popular photo editing app. It has over 640 filters and special effects that can be applied to our pictures. This app is also very user-friendly and it takes hardly a few seconds to edit your photographs.

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Top 10 Photography Editing Apps
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