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Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer, Free Service for 90 days

Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer, Free Service for 90 days- Reliance Jio DTH service, as rumored, is all set to launch itself by the end of the month. Reliance Jio is entering the DTH market after it’s massive success in the telecom market, courtesy of which goes to the welcome offers provided, along with the free SIM. The excitement for the SIM card and it’s free services among the Indian people could easily be understood by looking at the queue before the Reliance stores at those times. The free provision of SIM card was obviously a factor for such a big queue, but the main factor was its welcome offers which were undoubtedly the best free stuff provided in a long time. Jio DTH Set Top Box Booking Online. Reliance Jio was providing unlimited free calls and unlimited 4G data for 3 months which was later on increased to 6 months. This SIM was available in every Reliance Digital Stores and all of the stores had a noticeably long queue.

Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer

Jio DTH Welcome Offer, Free service for 90 days

As per reports customers can expect Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer scheme will be free for 90 days.

The Reliance Jio DTH (Direct to home) service will also turn people crazy about it with its free welcome offers. As for now, the Reliance Jio DTH service has perfectly completed all it’s formalities like testing and much more and is ready to launch. Reliance Jio DTH service promises you to provide the best out of it and better services at lower prices than other DTH services like dish TV, tata Sky etc. Mukesh Ambani knows how to satisfy his customers and the Reliance Jio DTH services will not disappoint us as well. Reliance Jio was a threat to many other telecommunication companies of India and hopes to pose a threat to other DTH services as well.

Reliance Jio DTH services plans:

You must now be paying more than Rs 250 for any DTH service for a decent number if channels, which might seem a little expensive after coming across the Jio DTH services plans. Reliance Jio DTH plans are expected to provide more than 300 channels, in return of just Rs 180-200. Access to premium HD channels will also be available under Reliance Jio DTH services.

Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio DTH Detailed Plans:

Pack NameExpected Price (Rs.)
Normal Pack49-55
All Sports Channels(in HD)60-69
Value Prime Channels120-150
Kids Pack188-190
Family Pack200-250
My Plan(Customised Channels)50-54
My Sports159-169
Big Ultra Pack199-220
Metro Pack199-250
Dhoom Pack99-109

Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio is famous for providing free services for the first few months for customer satisfaction. This is called the welcome offer. According to rumors, the company is most probably looking forward to making use of a new technology to provide TV channels in their network. The Optical Fiber Technology was advertised too much extent by the Indian government and Mukesh Ambani is ready to take advantage of that.

Providing over 1gbps of broadband Internet speed, Reliance Jio DTH is expected to show the channels via live stream on your television, without any buffering whatsoever. The Jio DTH Services will hence require a Set Top Box and the Jio Broadband service which when connected to the set top box, will make it work.

And about the welcome offer, we can expect free provision of all the channels (both HD and normal, which comes to more than 300 channels) for 3 months.

Reliance Jio DTH Welcome Offer, Free Service for 90 days
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