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Ringtone Maker & Online MP3 Cutter & MP3 Converter Sites

Ringtone Maker

Best Ringtone Maker & Online MP3 Cutter & MP3 Converter Sites: Everyone likes to listen to the music which relaxes and makes the stress free from the tensions and daily chores after a long day work. Hence, most of them employed to listen to music of MP3 files. So, most of them wish to cut some part of the song and play it or even to make ringtones from the mp3 files. In order to make ringtones or MP3 cutter, there are many sites available in the online. Here, is the list of top 10 best sites that will cut the mp3 files and at the same time makes ringtones from these files that are much soothing to listen.

Best Ringtone Maker & Online MP3 Cutter

Online mp3 cutter

Online MP3 cutter is one of the best application that is used to trim some part of the song. One of the major advantages of this application is that it has the capability of supporting audio formats more than 300. Though this application is little sophisticated to operate for beginners, it trims the audio accurately.

Online mp3 cutter

MP3 cutter.in

MP3 cutter.in is yet another audio trimming online site that has high-quality audio files. Once an audio file is trimmed, next it is converted into mp3 format and then downloaded from the website into mobile. The videos which are trimmed using this application are of high quality.

Cut MP3 Online


Ringtone Cutter

Ringtone cutter is one of the free sites that are available to make audio ringtones of medium and small size. The only drawback of this site is that it will not be able to large audio files. Apart from that using this site is easier, once the MP3 files are trimmed, they are required to download and enjoy the audio.



CutMP3.net is yet another easiest site, that transforms MP3 files into clipped versions. Hence, the best part of this site is it allows to set the trimmed MP 3 files either as ringtones, message alerts or any other tones as per the wish of the user. The only essential thing is that the device should be installed with Adobe flash player and even no need to install this application.



One of the simplest online MP 3 cutting sites. All types of audio files can be trimmed in a much more simpler way and also allows to download YouTube videos and trim them to enjoy.



Songcutter is one of the free websites that let to trim the songs and creates alert tones. The major advantage of this application is that it allows to upload 20 songs at the same time and truncate them simultaneously. It is easy to use this application without many efforts. The only disadvantage of this site is that all the trimmed audios get deleted after one hour automatically.


Audio cutter pro

Audio cutter pro is yet another online audio trimming site, which can be done directly in the browser itself. The advantage of using audio cutter pro application is that it supports more 300 formats. Once the audio is trimmed they can be used as ringtones or alerts or songs.

Audio cutter pro

Audio joiner.com

One of the best site to convert to the MP 3 version of any file is an audio joiner application. It has some of the attractive features such as fade-in and fade-out, that enhances the audio file even better. This application allows most of the formats.

Audio Trimmer

The audio trimmer is yet another best application which is designed in a much better way. This allows to quickly trim the audio files with no time. Firstly, the device as to browsed and upload the required file and cut it according to the requirement. Then save it.

MP3 cutter

MP3 cutter one of the best and safest online audio cutter application available. This is a free application and also no need to download and install it in order to use it. This application maintains high quality in the trimmed audio file.

Th above listed MP3 sites are the top listed free cutting sites, apart from them there are many other sites available. Select the best site from the above list according to your requirement and use it to set alarm tone or alert tones or ringtones as per the wish of the user.

Ringtone Maker & Online MP3 Cutter & MP3 Converter Sites
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