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Does your Roku Remote Not Working? Try These 4 Tips to Repair It

Roku Remote Not Working

Does your Roku Remote Not Working? Try These 4 Tips to Repair It: Remote is the essential device to watch TV, either to increase or decrease volume or change any channel. Hence, it is utmost important for remote to work properly. Due to some of the other problem, Roku remote does not work sometimes. So it is essential to troubleshooting in case of Roku remote not working.

How many types of Roku remote controls?

Roku remote controls are of two types which are manufactured by the company. These two type of remotes can be accessed on any TV. These two Roku remotes are ‘standard infrared remote control’ and ‘enhanced point anywhere remote control’. The Standard infrared remote control is nothing, but the one with infrared radiation which when clicked towards the box it completes the action. The Enhanced point anywhere remote control is the one that makes use of WiFi network.

Tips to repair if Roku remote not working

The remote control gives problem at some times, at that time there will be two options. They are either to buy a new remote control or repair the old one. It is better to troubleshoot the steps and in case even that does not work than the old one as to be replaced with the new one. Here are some of the tips to repair if the Roku remote not working. guidelines for determining the type of remote.

    1. One of the best tips which have to be done at first is to change the batteries by replacing the old with the new one and check the remote is working or not.
    2. The next best tip is to reboot the Roku box and after few minutes just check whether it is working or not.
    3. In case if the Roku remote control is not working, then just remove the streaming stick from the TV and connect it after few minutes and check it.
    4. If Roku remote control does not work and using an HDMI streaming stick, then use an extra cable to connect it without connecting it directly.

Use Mobile App to Run Roku Remote

– Download the Roku app for WindowsAndroid or iOS, and connect it to your Roku Remote.

How to repair Roku standard remote if it is not working?

Repairing a standard remote control is not a big deal, but users need to follow tips. So, these tips make it very easy and to use Roku remote control. Below are the steps to be followed:

  1. It is essential to check the issue exists in remote or box, by just checking whether light flashes on the box if a command from the remote control goes.
  2. One of the easiest tips is to try changing the batteries and check whether if it is working or not.
  3. Another best tip is to check it with the mobile application.
  4. One of the last steps is to do the factory reset and solve the issue.
  5. Contact Roku Customer Support.

Roku Remote Not Working

All the above tips will solve the problem if Roku remote is not working.

Tips to fix the enhanced Roku remote

In order to repair enhanced Roku remote control follow the below-mentioned tips carefully.

  1. One of the tips is to remove the batteries and switch off the Roku box. After few minutes On the box and replace the batteries into remote after the home screen is displayed. Then pair it and check whether remote is working or not.
  2. Another way of repairing Roku enhanced remote control is with the help of the mobile application. Then check whether it is working or not.

The above two mentioned tips are the best one to repair Roku enhanced remote control.

Read this article on TechnViral to solve your problems why Roku remote is not working? All the tips mentioned are the best and simple one to repair and access if the Roku remote not working. Though the basic steps remain the same for both Roku standard remote control and enhanced remote control. Only some steps vary for both the remote controls, but they are easy to perform. Hence, all these steps help to repair Roku remote control. In case even after performing these steps perfectly if remote does not work, then it should be replaced with the new one.

Does your Roku Remote Not Working? Try These 4 Tips to Repair It
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