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How to transfer data from 3DS to new 3DS

How to transfer data from 3DS to new 3DS

Transfer images, music, games and repositories from the 3DS to the New Nintendo 3DS: In a detailed tutorial, Nintendo provides tips for transferring data to the new 3DS models. How the transfer of Nintendo 3DS or 2DS to the New 3DS works smoothly, we summarize in this solution.

Nintendo explains how the data transfer from Nintendo 2DS or Nintendo 3DS works on the New 3DS. In an extensive guide, the Japanese company presents tips that make it easy to transfer pictures, games, music, and scores to the New 3DS – the new model will be available in Germany from February 13th. First, you should know that you will not be able to register your Nintendo Network ID on your New Nintendo 3DS, otherwise, you will not be able to transfer data.

The New 3DS also requires a Micro SD card. Note for download games: After the transfer has been completed, downloaded download software can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop at no extra cost. Once you start the title after re-downloading on the New 3DS, the scores will be restored. With the exception of Nintendo DSi Ware, all data in system memory, such as pre-installed application software storage data, is deleted and overwritten with data from the old system. If you have data such as photos and recordings installed on your New 3DS and you want to keep them, first copy them to a Micro SD card and also have a look at 3DS emulator Android apps that let you play 3DS games without even have the console on your hands.

How to Transfer Data From 3DS to New 3DS

Step 1: For the data transfer from 2DS or 3DS to New Nintendo 3DS a wireless internet connection is required. Nintendo recommends using two 3DS power supplies to power the handhelds throughout the transfer. If the battery power is too low, no data transfer can be performed. All Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo DSi XL and Nintendo DSi compatible power supplies can be used.

Step 2: On both systems, select HOME menu> System Settings> General Settings> System Update.

Step 3: Once both system updates have been completed, on both systems, go to HOME menu> System Settings> General Settings> Data Transfer to begin the transfer.

Step 4: Your Nintendo Network ID and eShop History will be streamed over the Internet. Your storage data and SD Card content can be transferred via the local wireless connection or PC, or by plugging the micro SD card directly into the New Nintendo 3DS system.

Note: Transferring 4 gigabytes of data takes about two hours.

During the transfer from 3DS to New 3DS you will be asked if you are using an SD card or a mini SD card.  Selects “No” if you use a Micro SD card. Otherwise, you type “yes”. Then you decide if you want to copy the data wirelessly or via PC. Follow the on-screen instructions for more details on the possible transfer methods. We hope this guide will help you with transfer data from your old 3DS console to the new 3DS, thanks for reading!

How to transfer data from 3DS to new 3DS
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