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How to Unlock Lumia Windows Phone

Unlock your Lumia Windows Phone

How to Unlock Lumia Windows Phone: Unlocking the smartphone is not so difficult, but it is important to do in a correct way, otherwise, it spoils the phone and will not be to work. The process of unlocking Lumia windows phone is little risky, but still, it can be done by following the instructions carefully. Though the procedure of unlocking given below is the correct one, still it should be performed at one’s own risk. In order to unlock Lumia Windows phone it is essential to have following requirements:

  1. Lumia Windows smartphone
  2. MicroSD card
  3. USB cable
  4. PC or Desktop that has Windows 8.1 operating system
  5. Visual Studio 2013 is essential for setting up the application on Windows phone.

Unlock Lumia Windows Phone

Process to unlock Lumia Windows phone

Unlock Lumia Windows smartphone is a step-by-step process, that has to be followed carefully. Below mentioned steps are procedures to unlock:

  • First of all, it is necessary to download CustomWPSystems of version 6 and then install it on the mobile phone to the phone memory only.
  • In case if it is installed in the memory of microSD card, then it is required to move to phone memory by changing options through ‘settings’ in the device.
  • Then change the option to ‘Extra + Info’, in order to move storage from phone to SD card memory.
  • Then check whether the application is installed in the SD card memory, through ‘storage sense’ option.
  • Next, it is required to download, .7z file which has the folder named ‘Data’ while the files are named as ROMRebuilder.xap and additional_entries.reg.
  • After downloading, it is required to copy ROMRebuilder.xap file to the SD card memory.
  • It is essential to switch off all the other applications that are running in the background.
  • Then open CustomWPSystems and follow the instructions that are being displayed on the screen, until a green sign with storage card permission appears.
  • After that change the preview for developers to the ‘Extras + Info’ and then select the option ‘Download from the store’.
  • After the download is completed, check whether it is stored in SD card memory or not.
  • Then choose the option ‘Select the XAP’ after that select RAMRebuilder.XAP file that has been copied into the directory previously and then clicks on apply XAP.
  • Now you will be able to view, “ROMRebuilder” application in the place of ‘Extras + Info’ in the settings.
  • Then copy the .7z file which was downloaded previously, into the root of SD card.
  • In the next step, it is essential to download the data.bin file or make it on your own in the device.
  • Then copy the data.bin file into the folder named ‘Data’ present in the SD card.
  • Then open the application ‘ROMRebuilder’ and choose the option ‘Rebuild’ from the list.
  • Then a message will be displayed as the application is ‘Successful’.
  • Then as a final step, it is essential to ‘Hard reset’ the phone and unlocks it.

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In the above-mentioned procedure, a Lumia Windows phone as to be unlocked.

How to Unlock Lumia Windows Phone
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