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How to Know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile 2018

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

How to Know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile 2018: Instagram is one of the popular sites for sharing photos publicly or personally, that is being used by a huge number of people. It is one of the best photos sharing social media site. This site allows following other users, and at the same time, even they can follow you as well as view the profile. Users have the access to like other user’s photos, but cannot know who has viewed my Instagram profile. Though this may not be so important, still it is worth to know who viewed by following some applications.

Methods to know who viewed my instagram profile

Everyone wish to know who has viewed their Instagram profile, unfortunately, Instagram has designed in such a way that officially no one will be able to know how many viewed. Though it has been developed in such a way still there are some applications by following them correctly, it is possible to know. All these applications are free of cost and just consume few minutes of your time. So let’s check out here some of the applications which are developed specially for Instagram.

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile 2018

Method 1: Using application “Who viewed your Instagram profile.”

One of the easiest ways to know who viewed Instagram profile is with the help of the application. The most important step in this method is to download “Who viewed your instagram profile” application. Once the application is installed on your preferred device, it collects all your Instagram account details. Then upon calculation, it gives the results of who viewed Instagram account more number of times.

Method 2: Using application “Follower Insight”.

Using the application “Follower Insight”, it allows knowing who are blocking or unfollowed on the Instagram. Hence, this application sends notifications each and every time if any user either blocks or unfollows. It also gives a detailed report about who has viewed your Instagram profile. Hence, one of the best application that keeps track of everything.

Method 3: Using application “Instinctual”.

Instinctual is another application that helps users to know who has viewed Instagram profile. This is specially developed for iOS users only. This application is available to download only from iTunes store. It is not only easy to use but also gives information about each and every visit for 24 hours.

Method 4: Using application “Views for Instagram”.

Views for Instagram is yet another popular application developed to know who are viewing your profile and number of types. It gives instant information about a number of views and also regularly. This application is available for free of cost and is simple to use. It has got the very smooth interface that lets the user manage perfectly without many efforts.

Method 5: Using application “Instaview”.

Instaview is another popular application that is available for use on both Android as well as iOS devices. This application is specially developed to know how many other Instagram users have viewed your profile. It allows the user to check up to 200 who have recently viewed your Instagram account. This application can either be downloaded from play store or itunes.

All the above are some of the popular applications to check who viewed my Instagram profile. All these applications are officially available with best features embedded in it. These can be easily downloaded and can be managed very easily. So enjoy by downloading one of the application and checking who viewed the application.

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How to Know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile 2018
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